NETGEAR Router Login – WiFi Login Panel

You now have a NETGEAR WiFi router and now, you want to set up your new computer. To get into your NETGEAR Genius control panel, follow these steps.

Note: There are two official websites of Netgear WiFi Router I,e. or

How To Login To My NETGEAR Router Admin?


netgear wifi login

To modify how your NETGEAR router’s Wi-Fi works, go to or and log in. Find out how to get to your NETGEAR router’s control panel.

  1. First, connect to the NETGEAR router either by wire or wirelessly.
  2. Open up your web page.
  3. Go to or to get to the router’s control page.
  4. You can also paste any of the URLs or
  5. It will open a screen where you can log in to the router’s control panel.
  6. Type in the account (admin) and password (password) to get to the router’s management page.
  7. Press OK.
  8. You are now logged in to the admin panel for your NETGEAR router.

How Can I Change the network name (SSID) on my NETGEAR router?

How can I modify the network name (SSID) on my NETGEAR router?

  1. You can change your NETGEAR router’s network password in the same way you got into the administration panel.
  2. Open up a web browser.
  3. You can find the wireless tag on the router’s main login page.
  4. Click on Security Option (WPA2-PSK) in Password (Network Key) to change your password.
  5. There needs to be a new NETGEAR password.
  6. By clicking “Apply,” you can save a change.
  7. Your ISP should be contacted if you see “PPPoE DSL Internet Connection Detected” in the status bar.

How To Change Your NETGEAR WiFi Password?

How to modify the NETGEAR router's WiFi password?

Read on to learn how to change the master password for your NETGEAR router.

  1. Open an online browser.
  2. The location or will let you get to your router’s settings.
  3. You can log in with the admin and password that are already set up.
  4. After you log in.
  5. Then, on the page for setting up the router, click on the “Advanced” tab.
  6. Go to the Admin Menu and click on Password.
  7. You need to change your password in order to log in again.
  8. Before you can change your password, you have to put the old one you used in the “Old password” field.
  9. One can be changed from the usual if you’d like to use a different one. Type in the password you used before.
  10. Now type your new password twice, once in the box that says “Set password” and once in the box that says “Repeat New password.”
  11. Click the “Apply” button to move on.
  12. This is the management entry screen.
  13. Use your new password to log in now.


Ans. To log in, please use admin and password. Under the Wireless menu, in the SSID box, enter the name of your wireless network. Security Settings (WPA2-PSK) need a Network Key Password. To keep your changes safe, choose Apply.

Ans. Check that you typed the URL, username, and password correctly. Learn more about accessing your NETGEAR home router by reading this. Admin is the username to use. The password is the one that you supplied during setup.