Default Router IP Addresses

To make adjustments to your network configuration, enter the IP address of your router into a web browser. The SSID and password are required for access to the administration page.

Popular router manufacturers use the IP addresses and for their gateways. These addresses may be accessed using the router’s web interface.

Depending on the router model, the procedure may vary. You may use the IP addresses for the gateways provided by your router.

Listed below are the most often used proxy IP addresses by major companies.

Note: Please go here if you want to learn the default IP address for your router. Your router’s IP address may be discovered using these instructions.


Ans. A consumer-grade router’s default IP address often starts with All computers and other devices that access the Internet via the router will use this IP as their default gateway if it is utilized for connection.

Ans. Some residential broadband routers and modems use the private IP address by default.