ASUS Router Login

One of the most well-known router manufacturers is ASUS. The router’s functionalities are made accessible via a straightforward interface.,, or will get you into the Asus router’s administration panel, where you may change the wireless settings.

The Asus router’s web interface requires administrator passwords.

Asus Router Login Steps


Here’s how to access the admin page of your Asus router. Then you’ve reached the proper location.

Now, you will cover the basics of signing in.

  1. Use either an Ethernet cable or wireless technology to link your PC to the ASUS router.
  2. Assuming you’ve linked your device to the router.
  3. Open up a web browser.
  4. To access your ASUS router, go to your browser and enter
  5. In case the above-mentioned address for the default gateway does not work for you, the URL, is another option.
  6. A sign-in message will show up.
  7. To access the configuration page of your ASUS router, enter the default username and password.
  8. The default user name is admin. 
  9. The personal password you’ll need to create.
  10. Choose the next button.  Login to ASUS Router.
  11. Assuming you’ve successfully entered the Asus router’s administration interface, your Asus WiFi network now supports user-requested configurations.

Tips for Changing the Password on Your Asus Router

You want to log in to the ASUS router’s admin panel. The issue here is that the router’s password is broken.

If you have forgotten the router’s security key, then you must return your ASUS router to its original settings.

Your changed network settings, including the username and password you used, will be deleted.

  1. To do a manufacturing facility reset on your Asus router, you must initially locate the reset button.
  2. Keep your finger on the reset button for at least ten seconds.
  3. Your router’s status indicator will appear rapidly.
  4. The wireless router will restart itself.
  5. The next step is to go to the router’s setup page.
  6. Enter your username and password, and then change the password.

Steps To Change the Network Name (SSID) For Your Asus WiFi

The SSID (Service Set Identifier) of your ASUS wireless network on the router’s setup page is where you’ll find this option:

  1. Use an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi to link your devices to your network.
  2. Open your favorite web browser.
  3. Open the ASUS router setup page.
  4. After signing in, go to the “Advanced Settings” tab.
  5. Choose the “Wireless” button.
  6. Set the WiFi frequency.
  7. Your SSD will be shown as part of your network’s SSID.
  8. A new SSID can be entered in the box.
  9. Change the SSID of your ASUS WiFi network by sliding down and then clicking the Apply button.
  10. The modifications will take effect after a router reset.

How Can I Change My Asus WiFi Password?

We need to access the router’s setup page in order to modify the WiFi password for the ASUS router. 

Note: Keep in mind that your router’s default username and password are written on the device’s back.

  1. You can access your ASUS router by entering the above-listed default IP address.
  2. The administrative page requires the use of the default username and password.
  3. Choose Wireless in the More Advanced Settings menu.
  4. Choose “WPA2-Personal” as your network’s login type.
  5. WPA users should choose “AES” as their security method.
  6. Wi-Fi passwords should be 8-30 characters long and comprise a combination of letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation.
  7. To continue, select the Apply button.
  8. You can also save changes.
  9. After applying modifications to the settings, the router will restart automatically.


Ans. Connect your computer or mobile device to the router’s network using the methods outlined before. Next, fire up your preferred web browser, go to, and hit the Enter key. The ASUS router’s “Sign In” window should open. To log in to your router, enter the username and password and then click the Sign In button.

Ans. The default Asus router login credentials are admin/admin. Usernames and passwords are case sensitive; please do not enter them with any typos or extra spaces.